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About Us

Welcome to MushPeak, the beating heart of high-quality, organic mushroom supplements.

We, two passionate health enthusiasts and avid biohackers, founded MushPeak out of a passion for natural health and a desire to fill a gap in the market. In our search, we saw that there were few if any suppliers in the Netherlands and surrounding areas that offered mushroom supplements based solely on the fruit bodies of the mushrooms, in stark contrast to the situation in the United States. This inspired us to bring MushPeak to life.

At MushPeak, our mission is to offer the very best quality organic mushroom supplements derived exclusively from the fruit bodies of mushrooms. We believe everyone should have access to these amazing superfoods and the potential benefits they can provide for overall health and wellness.

Quality is our top priority. Our mushroom supplements undergo rigorous quality control – something quite unusual in this industry. Each product is thoroughly tested for various criteria, including microbiology, pesticides and the amount of active ingredients. These checks assure us, and therefore you, of the very best, most effective products.

Our mission at MushPeak extends beyond offering high-quality organic mushroom supplements. We are also dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness about the many benefits mushrooms can provide for our health and well-being.

We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery into the peak of health and wellness. Welcome to MushPeak. Your adventure to a healthier, more vital life begins here.


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