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Different Cordyceps Experiences (+ 90-Day Test)

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Today, we dive into the different experiences with Cordyceps. We explore personal anecdotes, insights shared by our valued customers, and the transformative journey of one of our team members who embarked on a 90-day Cordyceps regimen.

Top 3 benefits of Cordyceps supplements

a weight lifter who has positive experiences with cordyceps

1. Increased energy

Cordyceps is known as a mushroom that increases energy and improves stamina. It’s a favourite supplement among sportsmen and athletes. Research shows that Cordyceps supplements can improve oxygen uptake, making you less likely to fatigue during strength training or endurance sports.

Your muscles need oxygen to produce energy for contractions. Improved oxygen uptake can make your muscles use oxygen more efficiently. This allows you to do more repetitions in the gym or cover longer distances while running, swimming and other cardiovascular activities.

2. Stronger immune system

In addition, Cordyceps has adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation in the body.

3. Improved sexual performance

Finally, Cordyceps has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac and for improving sexual function in men and women.

Want to know more? Read our extensive article on the benefits and research on Cordyceps supplements.

Cordyceps experiences from our customers

Roell: “MushPeak’s Cordyceps extract has exceeded my expectations. I notice an increase in my vitality and stamina. It’s like a natural energy boost without the familiar crash of coffee. The combination with Lion’s Mane has really improved my daily routine.”

Kimberly: “With Cordyceps I have more energy, that has become clear to me in the last three months. I think it’s a great natural product and will definitely keep taking it for now!”

Tom: “For the past nine weeks, I have been taking two Cordyceps capsules every morning. At first, I didn’t notice much difference. I am training for the marathon, and used to run ten kilometres in 75 minutes. Now I do it in 60. I also keep more energy after that for the rest of the day, which is very nice.”

What one of our team members experienced after 90 days of Cordyceps

cordyceps capsules and other mushroom supplements

“Winters are quite difficult for me. I can’t stand cold very well and I often feel tired in winter. I’ve always had that. Which is unfortunate, since I love sports a lot. I like to be outside and generally take good care of my body,” says a team member of MushPeak.

“I wanted to change that last winter, so after reading all the positive experiences with Cordyceps, I decided to put it to the test myself. Our editor had already done a good 90-day test with Lion’s Mane, so I was going to do the same.”

Month 1: “Could this be because of Cordyceps?”

“The last time I was in the gym was mid-November. On 15 December, I started taking the Cordyceps supplements. Every morning I took two capsules with my breakfast.”

“In the first two weeks, everything went pretty much the same. I wanted to go to the gym, but I didn’t go. Could also be because it was Christmas and New Year. But as a good intention, I was really lifting dumbbells again on 2 January. After a month and a half!

“I kept that up for the rest of the month. I went three times a week. Could that be because of Cordyceps, or my resolve to start the year fit again?”

Month 2: “Lifting heavier weights”

“Even in the second month, I kept going three times a week. The weights I trained with had become heavier, as in: I could lift more weight. After that, I was nowhere near as tired as I had always been before I started taking the supplements.”

Month 3: “One of many positive experiences with Cordyceps”

“I have now just completed the third month, and I can tell you: I am almost certain that my increase in energy, stamina and strength is due to Cordyceps. My experiences with Cordyceps have been very positive, and I’m glad I tried it.”

Who is better off not using Cordyceps?

cordyceps mushrooms

Although most people experience good things with Cordyceps, there are also those in whom the mushroom produces a nervous effect. This may be because Cordyceps can have stimulant effects due to its influence on dopamine and adrenaline.

If you are sensitive to stimulants, it is better to take one capsule a day or use another mushroom supplement (see below).

Also, people with autoimmune diseases and those undergoing surgery are better off not taking Cordyceps. Not sure if this applies to you? If so, always consult your doctor first.

Alternative mushroom supplements to Cordyceps

Other mushroom supplements you can try if you are sensitive to stimulants are Chaga and Lion’s Mane. Lion’s Mane is known for its possible neuroprotective properties and improving concentration.

Chaga, like Cordyceps, is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and is often used to support the immune system. You can also combine mushroom supplements, as long as you don’t exceed two capsules a day.

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