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Personal Chaga Experiences (90-Day Test)

| Leestijd 9 Minuten

In our series of personal experiences with Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Reishi, and Cordyceps, this week it’s Chaga’s turn. What does our editor experience after a 90-day test? What do our customers say about Chaga mushrooms? And what do we find online about experiences with this special fungus? Read all about it below.

Is Chaga nonsense?

woman wondering whether chaga is nonsense or not

Some people think Chaga is nonsense. We would agree with that, if it’s about claims that Chaga, or functional mushrooms in general, are miracle cures for cancer or other diseases. We don’t make such statements and always advise discussing health concerns with your GP.

Instead, we focus on what people and scientific research say about mushrooms like Chaga, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi—often referred to as the Big Five of functional mushrooms. And studies showing positive results are steadily increasing.

Scientific studies on Chaga show promising results

Several studies indicate that Chaga can reduce intestinal complaints and inflammation, and even prevent hair loss.

However, it’s important to note that these studies are still in the early stages, were mostly conducted on animals, and much more research is needed to confirm these results. Moreover, every body is different, so claiming that something works for everyone is unrealistic and naive.

Interested in diving into the results of scientific studies on Chaga? You can read more about the science, mechanisms, and benefits of Chaga (and other mushrooms) in our extensive knowledge base. For now, let’s look at the personal experiences of people outside the laboratory.

Chaga experiences: what do our customers notice?

an image of chaga for our customers' experiences

‘That chaga boosts your immunity, I do believe!’

Joris: ‘I’ve been taking chaga for a year now and don’t notice anything, but I haven’t been sick for a year either. That was at least four times a year before. Every time the season changed, I was back in bed sniffling. Since Chaga is known for boosting your immunity, it could very well be because of that!’

‘I combine Chaga with Lion’s Mane’

Zita: ‘I have just been supplementing with Chaga for a few days, I’m taking 1 capsule a day instead of 2 because I’m also combining it with Lion’s Mane. Since it works mainly on the intestines, I expect to see developments a bit slower.’

A side note: most people experience effects only after about three months, not after just a few days. In three months, we will ask Zita what she notices from Chaga and update this article.

A 90-day test with Chaga: what did our editor experience?

Our editor is on a mission to experience for herself what Chaga and our other functional mushroom supplements do for her. These are her experiences with Chaga:

‘Ever since I was little, I would get sick at least five times a year, often with ear infections. I outgrew those around age 11, but by age 25, I began suffering from chronic intestinal problems. This made me even more susceptible to illness, often confining me to bed rest for a few days every couple of months.’

‘Three months ago I started taking Chaga and I haven’t been sick once since. I think that’s amazing! Normally, I catch whatever’s flying around.’

‘Also, my hair seems fuller. My hairline had been receding for a few years, and last year, I had quite deep recession areas, which made me very sad. Now, it looks like some of it has grown back. There are all these baby hairs that weren’t there before..’

Month 1: ‘Noticed quite little from Chaga, but no side effects either’

‘In the first month I didn’t notice any difference, I had just been sick, so extra reason for me to try Chaga. Any side effects I didn’t notice.’

Month 2: ‘I felt stronger and more energetic’

‘I had wanted to go to the gym to lift weights for some time. That seems to be good for women. But because I kept catching a cold, I didn’t go. I didn’t feel like it, let alone have the energy to lug weights around. Often gyms also have loud music on, which I didn’t feel like hearing at all.’

‘But for some reason, maybe because of Chaga, I felt stronger in the second month than in the first. I still felt good, had no colds and no bowel problems either. So I went to the gym! For the first and definitely not the last time.’

Month three: ‘At the gym three times a week, thanks to Chaga?’

‘In month three, I went to the gym three times a week. I have never experienced that before! And now I’m still going three times a week, we are a few months on as I write this. And I keep taking Chaga , I’m very curious to see how long it takes before I get sick again, but for now I’m doing super well!’

Other experiences with Chaga

chaga mushroom

While there are many anecdotes and reviews of people feeling stronger with Chaga, there are also people who have different experiences with Chaga. For some people, it speeds up their digestion: they have to go to the toilet more often.

Other people find that their memory is better, they have become less allergic, they sleep better, and they feel less nervous.

How do you know if you have good quality Chaga?

If you want to try Chaga for yourself, we recommend choosing only supplements based on organic Chaga fruiting bodies grown in strictly controlled conditions. Fungi absorb many substances from their environment, and you don’t want them in your body.

At MushPeak, you will therefore only find mushroom supplements based on high-quality organic fruiting bodies, which we have extensively tested by external third-party laboratories. We have our supplements tested for important nutrients (such as beta-glucans and alpha-glucans), heavy metals, pesticides, and contaminants. You can see those test results for yourself on our product pages.

Try pure organic Chaga supplements yourself

Check out our Chaga and find out for yourself what this ‘king of mushrooms’ does for you. Do you have any questions? Contact us, we are happy to help!

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