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lion's mane voor het slapen

Taking Lion’s Mane at Night: Good or Not?

| Leestijd 7 Minuten

Taking Lion’s Mane at night can work really well. Research indicates that Lion’s Mane supplements (H. erinaceus) can effectively enhance sleep quality. But what’s the mechanism behind this, and is it preferable to consume Lion’s Mane in the morning or at night? Let’s dive into it and get the answers you need. How can Lion’s […]

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lion's mane ervaringen

Personal Lion’s Mane Experiences (This Is What Happened After 90 Days)

| Leestijd 10 Minuten

In this article, we share some personal experiences with Lion’s Mane. Both from our customers and ourselves. Not everyone has the same experience, as every body is different. The aim of this article is to give the best possible insight into the various effects people experience with this “mushroom for the brain”. What do people […]

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lion's mane bijwerkingen

Lion’s Mane Side Effects: How Does It Impact Your Body?

| Leestijd 6 Minuten

Lion’s Mane has few known side effects. It’s a mushroom that you can use in the kitchen as well as in the ‘medicine cabinet’. You can incorporate Lion’s Mane into a dish or take it as a mushroom supplement. This makes it a versatile, useful, and functional mushroom. What is Lion’s Mane? Lion’s Mane (Hericium […]

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lion's mane bij depressie

Does Lion’s Mane Help With Depression? 5 Surprising Benefits

| Leestijd 5 Minuten

Lion’s Mane mushroom is renowned for its ability to enhance cognitive functions, including sharpening concentration. However, its potential in alleviating depression and mood-related issues remains a subject of interest. Can Lion’s Mane help with depression and feelings of depression? Emerging research shows interesting findings on its effects. Signs of depression We all experience rough patches […]

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altijd last van maagzuur

Suffering From Constant Heartburn? These Tips (And Mushrooms) Will Help You Find Relief Quickly

| Leestijd 5 Minuten

Do you suffer from constant heartburn and acid reflux? Ever find yourself waking up in the middle of the night feeling like there’s mucus stuck in your throat, no matter how much you swallow? That uncomfortable sensation is closely tied to heartburn. In this article, we’ll delve into effective ways to eliminate that discomfort and […]

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