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Turkey Tail Experiences (+ 90-Day Test)

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What do people think of Turkey Tail mushrooms? What are the different experiences with Turkey Tail? In this article, you can read customer reviews, our own experiences, and research findings about the effects of this interesting mushroom supplement.

What are Turkey Tail mushrooms good for?

Turkey Tail mushrooms are known for their potential to strengthen the immune system and protect against aging, cell damage, and pathogens. Most people use Turkey Tail capsules to improve digestion and boost overall immunity.

turkey tail mushrooms in the wild

Thanks to these benefits, Turkey Tail is also known as an “immune system mushroom.”

What does research on Turkey Tail mushrooms suggest?

Recent research on Turkey Tail mushrooms indicates positive health outcomes. Many studies suggest that Turkey Tail may strengthen the immune system through various mechanisms.

Turkey Tail for cancer

Turkey Tail contains polysaccharide-K (PSK) and polysaccharide peptide (PSP). In Japan, PSK from Turkey Tail is used in cancer treatments. Research shows that both PSK and PSP have tumor-inhibiting properties.

Turkey Tail for type 2 diabetes

The antioxidants in Turkey Tail can help combat free radicals in the body. Free radicals are harmful to our cells and can lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Research suggests that Turkey Tail significantly reduces oxidative stress in rats with type 2 diabetes. The researchers indicated that Turkey Tail may have beneficial effects in preventing diabetic complications in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Turkey Tail for toxoplasmosis

Turkey Tail mushrooms are also known for their anti-parasitic effects. For example, research showed that Turkey Tail had an antiparasitic effect on toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii. If your immune system is strong, you don’t notice much of it.

However, if your immunity is weak, toxoplasmosis can lead to flu-like symptoms, neurological damage or mental impairment (in babies). You can contract toxoplasmosis through cat faeces, raw meat or contaminated water and food, among other things.

Turkey Tail: experiences of our customers

turkey tail mushroom capsules

As part of our research, we asked customers who buy Turkey Tail from us to share their experiences. Elizabeth, Bart, and Gerhard were kind enough to provide their insights:

  • Elizabeth: “I use Turkey Tail supplements to help keep my leukemia under control.”
  • Bart: “Six months ago, I started taking Turkey Tail supplements. Every day, I take two capsules with my breakfast, and I feel that my immunity has become much stronger as a result. I haven’t been sick once in five months, which is quite exceptional.”
  • Gerhard: “Turkey Tail is one of the best medicinal mushrooms out there. Since I started taking it, my intestinal problems have significantly decreased. I combine it with Lion’s Mane to help me concentrate better. This is my third order from MushPeak, and I am very satisfied.”

A 90-day trial with Turkey Tail

To see what Turkey Tail can do for immunity and general health, our team member tried it for 90 days. Here are her findings:

“By now, I have pretty much become an expert on mushroom supplements. I like to delve into research and read everything I can find about medicinal mushrooms. But to really understand their effects on me personally, the only way is to test them myself.”

“I already had good experiences with other mushroom supplements, so I had high expectations for Turkey Tail, especially for digestion. I’ve had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for years, which sometimes manifests as bloating, inflamed bowels, or constipation. I was hoping that Turkey Tail would help improve my condition.”

Month 1: “Mid-month flare-up”

“Every month, I usually have about two flare-ups, which I call a PDS attack. I used to think it was due to eating something wrong, but now I know it’s more complicated and also related to my stress levels. In the first month of taking only Turkey Tail, I had one flare-up, but nothing else of note.”

Month 2: “No tummy troubles”

“In the second month, I didn’t have any stomach issues at all. This was remarkable, as I couldn’t remember the last time I had gone a whole month without any problems. I could exercise comfortably without suffering from a swollen belly.”

Month 3: “Turkey Tail is now my favourite supplement”

“Even in the third month, my stomach problems were non-existent. I did have one evening of trouble due to the stress of a move, but it resolved faster than usual. It was just one evening, and the next day everything was back to normal.”

“I was really positively surprised by Turkey Tail! My stomach issues have always been a significant problem, but now I hardly suffer at all. I will continue taking Turkey Tail; it has become my favorite supplement.”

Other experiences with this ‘Mushroom for Immunity’

turkey tail mushroom

So far, Turkey Tail seems to provide plenty of benefits. It’s a popular mushroom supplement for a reason. Yet there are people who also have other, somewhat less pleasant, experiences with Turkey Tail mushrooms.

A quick search on the internet reveals that some people do not notice anything or notice a very small difference. Others get nauseous at first. Therefore, it is important not to exceed the maximum allowed amount of two capsules per day!

Every body is different, so what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. The only way to see what it does for you is to try it yourself. Want to make sure you’re getting the best quality? Then choose only organic, tested mushrooms.

Buy your tested, organic Turkey Tail capsules now

MushPeak has all its organic mushroom supplements extensively tested by external laboratories. They are tested for nutrients, contaminants, and metals. You can find the results on the product pages. Have questions? Feel free to contact our team of medicinal mushroom experts.

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