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Which Medicinal Mushrooms Should I Buy? (10 Question Test)

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Looking to buy medicinal mushrooms but not sure where to start? Which mushroom supplements are the best choice for you right now? To help you find out, we’ve prepared a quick test. Answer the following questions and discover which supplements are ideal for you.

Need more advice? Contact us—we’re happy to help! Please remember to discuss any health concerns with your GP first. Supplements are not substitutes for a healthy diet, lifestyle, or medication, but they can be a valuable addition to a healthy diet.

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Take our 10-question test to find the right medicinal mushrooms for you!

Buying medicinal mushrooms: 10-question test

Below, you’ll find 10 questions. Simply jot down the letter that most applies to you for each question (e.g., ‘A’ or ‘E’). You can also select more than one answer per question—just list all the letters that apply to you. Your result will be revealed at the end. Let’s get started!

1. Why do you want to buy medicinal mushrooms?

  • A. Improve sports performance, physical performance, and endurance
  • B. Improving memory, concentration, and alertness
  • C. Improvement of immune system, sleep quality, and/or reduction of stress
  • D. Reducing inflammation and/or strengthening skin and hair
  • E. Strengthening of gut health and digestion

2. How often do you exercise per week (gym, walking, yoga, running, football, cycling, etc.)?

  • A. Four or more times a week – or that’s my goal
  • B. Up to four times a week
  • C. Up to three times a week
  • D. Up to twice a week
  • E. Rarely

3. How much time do you spend weekly on mentally challenging tasks?

  • A. Fairly often, up to four days a week
  • B. A lot, up to seven days a week
  • C. A lot, up to five days a week
  • D. Not as much, up to three days a week
  • E. Rarely, up to two days a week

4. What’s your sleeping pattern like?

  • A. Good, but I notice that I still feel tired during the day
  • B. Not so good, I have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through
  • C. Bad, I often lie awake at night or have trouble falling asleep
  • D. Not as good as I would like
  • E. Good, I sleep fairly long

5. How frequently do you experience illness, such as the flu or a cold?

  • A. I never get sick
  • B. Almost never, maybe once every two years
  • C. Regularly, once a year
  • D. Often, more than once a year
  • E. I experience more issues with my gut than with colds – or both

6. How often do you suffer from anxiety?

  • A. Never or very little
  • B. Quite often and/or I have problems keeping focus
  • C. Often, I suffer from stress on a regular basis
  • D. Sometimes, depends on whether I have a stressful time
  • E. I worry regularly, especially when I have stomach problems

7. How is your digestion?

  • A. Good, no problems, I can eat anything
  • B. Reasonably good, but could be better
  • C. If I watch what I eat, it’s okay
  • D. Not so good, I have regular stomach complaints
  • E. Not good, I have bowel problems and can’t eat some/many things

8. How regular is your bowel movement?

  • A. Regular, I usually go at the same times
  • B. It fluctuates sometimes, but generally regular
  • C. When I am stressed, my bowel movements are different from normal
  • D. Not so regular, I sometimes have constipation or constipation
  • E. I do not have regular bowel movements

9. How is your energy level during the day?

  • A. I get tired easily and/or want to increase my energy during exercise
  • B. I get easily distracted because I cannot focus my energy
  • C. I’m often stressed, which takes up a lot of energy
  • D. I’m regularly tired because of my physical issues
  • E. My energy levels depend on my gut health

10. How satisfied are you with your skin and hair?

  • A. Very satisfied
  • B. Satisfied, but could be better
  • C. Not so satisfied, due to stress my hair is falling out
  • D. Not at all satisfied, my hair is thin and/or my skin is dry
  • E. Not satisfied, due to gut problems I have problems with my skin and/or hair

These are the medicinal mushrooms for you

wild lion's mane mushroom

Have you tallied up all your letters? Now you know which ones are at the top. Do you have multiple letters? Consider purchasing several types of medicinal mushrooms, as they often work synergistically.

That means they enhance each other’s effects. However, do stick to the recommended daily amount per day (two capsules).

If you answered ‘A’ more often: Cordyceps

Cordyceps is known as a functional mushroom that increases energy. It is a favourite among sportsmen and athletes who want to improve their sports performance and build muscle.

Read more about the science and benefits of Cordyceps, or go straight to the shop to buy Cordyceps.

If you answered ‘B’ more often: Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane is used to increase cognitive functions such as memory, concentration and alertness. Have you often answered ‘B’? Then Lion’s Mane is the mushroom supplement for you!

Read more about the benefits and effects of Lion’s Mane.

If you answered ‘C’ more often: Reishi

Is stress a problem in your life? Reishi has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to improve stress response and sleep quality.

Results from some scientific studies suggest that Reishi could help with improving mood. For example, this study among women with chronic muscle pain indicates improved mood after using Reishi.

Read more about Reishi research and benefits.

If you answered ‘D’ more often: Chaga

Chaga is known for boosting the immune system and improving skin and hair health. If you get a cold easily or have thinning hair, you can try Chaga.

Read more about the benefits and effects of Chaga.

If you answered ‘E’ more often: Turkey Tail

In traditional Chinese medicine and Western herbal medicine, Turkey Tail is used to fight intestinal problems and improve digestion. Healthy digestion is essential for a healthy life. Did you get mostly ‘E’? Then buy Turkey Tail supplements.

Read more about the science, effects and benefits of Turkey Tail.

Ready to buy your medicinal mushrooms? Choose organic, tested varieties!

a woman who goes online to buy medicinal mushrooms

When buying medicinal mushrooms, prioritize organic supplements rigorously tested for quality. This ensures that you’ll receive top-notch products without harmful toxins. Check the test results on our product pages—we meticulously verify every batch for quality assurance.

Discover our mushrooms!

Read more about functional mushrooms


Supplements should not be used as a replacement for a diverse diet, a healthy lifestyle, or as a treatment for any medical condition. Keep this product out of the reach of children. If you are ill, pregnant, or in doubt, always consult with your healthcare provider. The information provided on this website is intended for general informational purposes and should not be considered as medical advice. While traditional Chinese medicine has a history spanning thousands of years and has been tested on numerous individuals, MushPeak does not make claims indicating the proven medicinal properties of herbs or mushrooms, in accordance with current EU legislation. Detailed information about mushrooms is available from publicly accessible sources on the Internet. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


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